Robert H Weiss Robert H Weiss
University of California
Title: Metabolomics in Kidney Cancer: From biofluids to new therapeutic targets
Leo L. Cheng Leo L. Cheng
Harvard Medical School
Title: NMR based metabolomics for predicting cancer aggressiveness

Eileen K. Jaffe Eileen K. Jaffe
Fox Chase Cancer Center - TUHS
Title: Structures of Phenylalanine Hydroxylase Reveal Mechanism for Maintenance of Safe Blood Phe Levels.
Guo-Ping Zhou Guo-Ping Zhou
Gordon Life Science Institute
Title: The Study of the Conformational Conversion Mechanism of the Prion Protein by Incorporating the Wenxiang Diagrams into NMR Spectroscopy.

Michael L. Nickerson Michael L. Nickerson
National Institute of Health
Title: Metabolic implications of UBIAD1 prenyltransferase activity.
Mike Milburn Mike Milburn
Title: Potential Role of Global Metabolomics in Precision Medicine

Gustavo Rosania Gustavo Rosania
University of Michigan
Title: Pharmacometabolomics: Emerging Experimental Approaches and Computational Tools

Thomas Luke Simmons Thomas Luke Simmons
University of Zurich Children's Hospital
Title: Multi-omics tools for the elucidation of rare neurological disease

Petras Dzeja Petras Dzeja
Mayo Clinic
Title: Stable isotope 18O-assisted dynamic metabolomics
Mark T. Hamann Mark T. Hamann
MUSC School of Pharmacy
Title: NMR-Computational Approaches in the Assignment of Stereochemistry of Complex Polyketides

simons Brigitte Simons
Market development manager, SCIEX
Title: Resolving the Complexity of the Lipidome Using Differential Ion Mobility Separations

Kamal Dua Aparna Jayachandran
The University of Queensland
Title: Transketolase-like 1 Ectopic Expression is Associated with DNA Hypomethylation and Induces the Warburg effect in Cancer Cells​

Wensheng Lang Wensheng Lang
Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson
Title: Use of Stable Isotope Labeled Tracers and LC/MS/MS Metabolite Profiling to Track Lipid Digestion, Absorption and Metabolism in Rodents
Jian Zhi Hu Jian Zhi Hu
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Title: Non or Minimally Invasive High Resolution 1H NMR Metabolomics on Intact Biological Objects Using Slow Magic Angle Spinning

Pao-Chi Liao Pao Chi Liao
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Title: Novel Metabolites of Food Contaminant Phthalates Revealed by HRMS and Their Implications in Quantitating Urinary Toxicant Exposure Markers
Jeevan K. Prasain Jeevan K. Prasain
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Title: Lipidomic changes in C. elegans in response to attenuation of the insulin/IGF-1 or TGFbeta signaling pathways

Thomas A Bowman Thomas A Bowman
Grand Canyon University
Title: Acyl CoA synthetase 5 (ACSL5) Ablation in Mice Increases Energy Expenditure and Insulin Sensitivity and Delays Fat Absorption
Devanand Luthria Devanand Luthria
United States Department of Agriculture
Title: Effect of sequential extraction on the GC-MS and LC-MS metabolic profiles of black bean, black cohosh and soybean

Isaie Sibomana Isaie Sibomana
Wright State University
Title: A Methodology to Enhanced Sensitivity of Urinary Metabolomics for Assessment of Kidney Function
Azam Yazdani Azam Yazdani
Human Genomic Center, Houston, USA
Title: Metabolomics Statistical Causal Network Using Genome Level of Granularity

Jennifer Ose Jennifer Ose
University of Utah
Title: Metabolomics in Colorectal Cancer and NIH Consortia
Gianluca Catucci Gianluca Catucci
University of Torino
Title: Drug metabolism and beyond: the role of human flavin containing monooxygenase 3 in personalized medicine

Richard Paige Phipps Richard Paige Phipps
university of Rochester
Title: Environmental Obesogenic Chemicals: Mechanisms of Action through Thy1 (CD90)
Dilly OC Anumba Dilly OC Anumba
The University of Sheffield
Title: Metabolomics approaches to predicting preterm birth-prospects and challenges

Lynda Menard Amar K chandra
University College of Science and Technology
Title: Effect of Excess Iodine on Oxidative Stress Markers, Steroidogenic Enzyme Activities, Testicular Morphology, and Functions in Adult Male Rats

Lynda Menard Douglas Lee
Omic Insight
Title: Challenges in Metabolomics Data Interpretation, and the Role in FATP1 on Metabolic Reprogramming
Lynda Menard Lynda Menard
University of Vermont
Title: The Structural and Functional Coordination of Glycolytic Enzymes in Muscle: Evidence of a Metabolon?

Lynda Menard Yakov Krelin
Soroka University Medical Center
Title: Reprogramming Cancer cell Metabolism, Reversing Oncogenic Properties and Inducing Differentiation in Glioblastoma
Lynda Menard Branca M. Silva
Universidade da Beira Interior
Title: Emerging potential of white tea as an alternative or complementary strategy to conventional pharmacological agents used against (pre)diabetes


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